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Fine Art Giclée Printing in the Weald

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Self-publish your works of art from only £65.50*

Limited edition reproductions of your artwork are now very cost-effective.
For just £65.50 you can self-publish and start selling your work over and
over again. There is no minimum print run and prints may be ordered
as and when required.

High quality long life Giclée prints are produced in small batches or one at a
time using a new technique that is recognized by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

The process is ideal for watercolour paintings but may also be used for oils,
acrylics, pastels and photo prints etc.

Transparencies and digital files are also suitable, but the print size may
depend on transparency size or file resolution. Ideally, the original work
should also be supplied for colour matching purposes.

Originals up to 80cm square are copied and colour corrected for printing, and
if necessary the digital copy can be retouched to invisibly remove any
unwanted marks or change tone and colour values etc.

The final prints, up to A2 (594 x 420mm) are supplied on archival quality
225 gsm, 255 gsm or 310 gsm textured paper. Additional features can be
supplied such as a Certificate of Authenticity (to be signed by the artist) or
title, edition and copyright details added to the print border.

The digital copy of your original is archived for future use and more prints
can be ordered as required.


About transparencies

Transparencies are no longer necessary. For about £10 more than the
cost of a professionally taken transparency, Digital Editions can create
a print-ready digital file along with a proof copy. Prints can then be
supplied when needed and will be of superior quality.

Where the original work is no longer available, good results can be
obtained from an existing transparency provided it was professionally
taken and as large as possible, preferably 5 x 4inch (half plate).

*Price includes set-up cost and three A4 size prints

For more information call 01797 230968 or email