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Over the years we have created a vast number of reproductions for many artists. Below are a few examples of the images we hold on file. Reproductions are available directly from the artist or artist's gallery. Click an image to enlarge or click an artist's name to go to their website.

The reproductions below are available from Digital Editions
 Please email or call for details

Agnes J. Rudd 1880 - 1938
Agnes J Rudd was a British artist living and working in Dorset. The reproduction above shows St Edward's Church, Corfe Village, viewed from the entrance to Corfe Castle, Dorset. It's a fine example of Agnes's work and was painted about 1920. The reproduction is exclusive to Digital Editions.

T.L.Rowbotham 1823 - 1875
Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham was an Irish watercolour artist and lithographer. He mostly painted landscapes and marine subjects. He was a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and became Professor of Drawing at the Royal Naval School, Greenwich. The reproduction above is from a lithograph showing the old bridge at Shoreham, West Sussex. 

Alfred Vickers (Senior) 1786 - 1816
Alfred Vickers was a self-taught painter of landscape and marine subjects. He had a rapid style of painting which produced sparkling results, as can be seen from the reproduction above. The location depicted is unknown. The reproduction is exclusive to Digital Editions.

John William Waterhouse 1849 - 1917
Waterhouse painted Lady Clare in 1900 after the romantic ballard by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1842). There are many copies of this painting, nearly all of them with dark muddied colours. Our reproduction shows the painting in it's original vibrance.